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Mi Prep Center FAQ’s

1. Do You work with brand new sellers?

Yes,We will work with any seller either small or large.

2. Will you accept pallets And/or freight?

Yes, we do accept pallets and freight and we can ship LTL for outgoing freight.

3. What services do you provide?

Mi Prep Center takes care of all the processes essential for delivery to Amazon. This includes all receiving, inventory, packaging, labeling, and shipping. We take care of the preparation details so you don’t have to.

4. Why should I use Mi Prep Center’s services?

With years of experience prepping items for sale by Amazon, you can rest assured that your products will be accepted without any problems. Our commercial location in central Mi helps you keep shipping costs low.

5. How quickly can you get my products prepped?

Mi Prep Center has a 24- to 72-hour turnaround time, depending on the size of the order. We also request 24 hours notice before receiving your products.

6. What payment methods does Mi Prep Center accept?

We accept payment through PayPal, Debit cards,Credit cards and Wire transfers.

7. Can you handle hazardous materials?

Yes, we we can handle hazardous materials.

8. Can you prepare products that come from outside the US?

Yes we do! However it is the sellers responsibility to ensure customs clearance.

9. Can you store my inventory?

Yes, we do provide storage options for products that we prepare.

10. Does Mi Prep Center have any restrictions on how products are received?

We will receive products via UPS, FedEx, or freight delivery at no extra charge. Shipping containers will be received and unloaded at a rate of $60/hour.

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